At Actors Lab we are always recieving enquiries about actors in Mallorca. Our aim is to help projects get the best actor for the job. Collaborating on developed projects is a great way to get the most from your actors, on set coaching and rehearsing can make all the difference especially with younger or less experienced cast.

Short Films

We are always developing and shoot short films, to show case the talent of Actors Lab and local directors get in touch if you are interested in being part of future projects. Previous projects include award winning short film “Who” as well as hard hitting “Nerea by the Sea”, romantic comedy “The Perfect Date” and “Home”.

Video Books

Really important for an actor are headshots and a video book. Directors and casting agents need to see what you are like on camera. A video book is the easiest way to show this. We have shot many, many scenes for our actors video books, many of them leading to jobs and better castings.


Intensive one week courses such as Scene Machine at Evolution Film Fest Mallorca is a great way to meet and work with up and coming directors, many of whom are already working in the film industry.