Intermediate Youth Drama Course

Actors Lab Mallorca is running a special course for young people who wish to pursue a career in the world of Dramatic Art. These classes are designed for people who have a passion for acting and drama.

We will be offering weekly classes of acting interpretation for the camera and theater, as well as the fundamentals necessary to work as an actress / professional actor and / or enter a school of Dramatic Arts in the future.

In this intensive course we will cover both practical aspects of acting, as well as some theory. We will explore Stanislavski: sense memory, emotional memory, objective, super objective. Meyerhold, Grotowski and many more.

We will also produce demonstration showreels for each student who participates so that they can use them in castings or simply as an experience so that you can feel comfortable in front of the camera.

This will be an intensive but very rewarding course. Recommended age of 16 to 22 years.

Oliver Torr has worked as an acting teacher for fifteen years in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and now in Mallorca. His teaching on methods such as Stanislavsky’s in conservatories, as well as teaching opera singers from all over the world. He holds a bachelor of fine arts acting and a masters in directing.

Anna Berenguer is an actress with a degree in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and a graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, also taking the Official Master’s Degree in Theater Studies. She currently combines her work as an actress and scenic creator with that of a teacher, teaching at the University of Barcelona and other centers of Dramatic Arts.

Between them Oliver and Anna have many years of teaching at the highest level and know the necessary requirements to make it as an actor and to get the best of acting school auditions.

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