Classes for Children ( 8 – 11, 11 – 12, 13+ Years )

Dubbed as the “best drama club in Mallorca,” we meet once a week to do theatre games and exercises that allow kids to build their confidence and develop their performing skills. The second half of Drama Lab is based on rehearsals for a play, which will be put on three times a year so each student gets a chance to play a leading role. 

In performing, speaking and moving freely on stage, Drama Lab is a place for kids to have fun while also embodying serious acting principles such as Objectives and Endowment. This drama club will help kids to overcome shyness, make friends and even learn English!

We have performed works by playwrights such as Shakespeare, Harold Pinter, Oscar Wilde and Federico Garcia Lorca.

Catalan, Spanish and German speakers are welcome. However, classes and most productions are taught in English. We also carry out regular performances for friends and family, as well as encourage children to audition for TV and film productions when the opportunity arises.