Maybe the best drama club in Mallorca?

We meet once a week and do theatre games and exercises letting the kids find their own confidence and ability to perform. Then the second half of Drama Lab is rehearsal for a play. These are put on three times a year and everyone gets to play a good role!

Drama Lab is for kids who like to perform, kids who enjoy words and kids who enjoy moving and having fun. But through this they are taught serious acting principles such as objectives and endowment – but this is not overt!

This drama club will help kids overcome shyness, make friends, even learn English!
All this and the kids have fun doing some seriously good plays.
We have done

  • Shakespeare

  • Harold Pinter

  • Oscar Wilde

  • Federico Garcia Lorca

There are three age groups are group one: 8 to 11 year olds. Group 2: 11 and 12 year olds. Group 3: 13 plus. Catalan, Spanish and German speakers are welcome, but we will concentrate on the kids’ preferred language and most productions will be in english. We will do regular performances for friends and family (and even make recommendations for auditions for TV and film when things come up!)

The Drama Lab is limited to eight participants per class.