Intermediate College


For students of drama at:

  • British A Level
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Spanish Baccalaureate
  • German Abitur.

Intermediate College Drama expects to work with higher achieving students who wish to gain top scores in drama. They will work with classic and modern texts – Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekhov, Pinter, Brecht and others as required by the students. Participants will learn about and work with Stanislavski and his method, mask and physical theatre. The majority of the work will be a practical focus, the necessary theory will also be covered.

The course is tailored to the specific needs of the high school drama courses. Group and solo work can be facilitated as well as practicing devised pieces to get to the best possible outcome. Participants of this course may progress to undertake theatre studies, theatre history, directing or acting courses in a university setting.
We do scene work, monologues, voice, movement and acting exercises. Parents are welcome to discuss specific school needs and requirements before the beginning of the classes. On completion, full written feedback and a certificate of completion will be given as well as study plans and project ideas. Texts will also be suggested for the students to consider for monologues / performance exams. As this course is for high school students, consultation with parents is also offered.

Teachers are all DBS
English / German

Application forms can be securely downloaded here actorslab form